Leadership, Accountability, & Integrity

Lisa M. Kaplan, Esq.

Small Business Owner, PTA Member, Education Advocate 


Lisa's beliefs regarding K-12 Education

Contact: Kaplan4kids@gmail.com


Parents, Classroom Teachers, & Community Leaders Support Lisa Kaplan 4 Re-Election

Educational Priorities

As your Natomas School Board trustee, I have worked tirelessly to ensure our children are afforded numerous opportunities for academic success. As I run for re-election this November, I want all community members and parents to know my educational priorities as your Board member and why I deserve to be re-elected.  These are not new priorities, but priorities I have fought for and continue to advocate for as your Board member.  Under my leadership on the Board, Natomas has:

  • Increased Test Scores and moved significantly towards closing the achievement gap,
  • Highest Graduation rates in the County,
  • Balanced Budget with healthy reserve,
  • Implemented new International Baccalaureate programs at Inderkum High School, Natomas Middle School, H.Allen Hight Elementary, and Paso Verde School.
  • Expanded access to before and after School enrichment programs,
  • Lowered class sizes and implemented districtwide full day kindergarten and TK programs at every school, and
  • Established safe, clean learning environments for all children.

The Next 4 years, I am committed to:

  • Bringing technology and the 21st Century into our classrooms
  • Fighting to make sure every child feels safe on our campuses to concentrate on learning,
  • Holding the District Accountable for expenditures that are tied to student success,
  • Leading the effort to continue the District's open communication and transparency in advocating students' first
  • Expanding new student College and Career Opportunities (e.g. I.B., Science, Engineering, Media, Culinary, Robotics and other programs).

I look forward to continuing my advocacy for ALL of our Natomas kids.

Honored to Earn Your VOTE!!

“Your vote for Lisa Kaplan is a vote for the future of our children. Lisa’s experience, passion and advocacy for the success of all children is why I am supporting her re-election.” ~ Sonia Mercado, President, Inderkum IB & Natomas                   Schools Foundation

It's widely known that education is the key to a person's future. However, those who work in education are not nearly as well compensated for making such an impact. It is this labor of love and strong inviolate dedication that Lisa has committed to continue to serve the community, her family and for all of us particularly for the Natomas School Board. That is why I ask you to continue to support and vote for Lisa in her efforts. ~ Vickie Lee, Community Member/Parent

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