LISA believes in

  • Highly Qualified teachers for kids
  • Keeping schools SAFE for kids
  • Rigorous Educational Programs for kids
  • Equity and Equality for All kids

Lisa has the Experience to accomplish what is in the best interest of our kids, the Leadership skills to make it happen, the Integrity to do the right thing and the courage to hold the District Accountable for its actions.
VOTE NOVEMBER 6th for Lisa Kaplan 

Dustin Johnson (Board Member, Los Rios Community College District & Natomas Parent)

“In the past four years, Lisa has worked with Los Rios Community College to expand college partnership programs within Natomas. I trust her to continue increasing the college and career opportunities for all Natomas children.”

Joel Schweiger (Teacher, Adult ILS, Natomas High School)

“I trust Lisa Kaplan to continue leading our district towards success. Lisa is always available to listen and make tough decisions when needed. She is an exceptional leader who has been a true champion for all of our kids, especially our special education students. Vote for Lisa Kaplan.”

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