Putting Students First


Educational Priorities

As your Natomas School Board trustee, I have worked tirelessly to ensure our children are afforded numerous opportunities for academic success. As I run for re-election this November, I want all community members and parents to know my educational priorities as your Board member and why I deserve to be re-elected.  These are not new priorities, but priorities I have fought for and continue to advocate for as your Board member.  Under my leadership on the Board, Natomas has:

  • Increased Test Scores and moved significantly towards closing the achievement gap,
  • Highest Graduation rates in the County,
  • Implemented new International Baccalaureate programs at Inderkum High School, Natomas Middle School, H.Allen Hight Elementary, and Paso Verde School,
  • Expanded access to before and after School enrichment programs,
  • Increase College Access by 75% in 7 years,
  • Kept a Balanced Budget, while increasing salaries, and expanding programs that are proven to work,
  • Lowered class sizes and implemented districtwide full day kindergarten and TK programs at every school, and
  • Established safe, clean learning environments for all children.

The Next 4 years, I am committed to:

  • Brining technology and the 21st Century into our classrooms
  • Fighting to make sure every child feels safe on our campuses to concentrate on learning,
  • Holding the District Accountable for expenditures that are tied to student success,
  • Leading the effort to continue the District's open communication and transparency in advocating students' first
  • Expanding new student College and Career Opportunities (e.g. I.B., Science, Engineering, Media, Culinary, Robotics and other programs).

I look forward to continuing my advocacy for ALL of our Natomas kids.

Honored to Earn Your VOTE!!

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